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Barnabas Center

As Iron Sharpens Iron: Building Support In Our Lives to Help Us Grow

Regardless of the stage of life that you are in ideally, we are all having the same desire to grow. This means emotionally, intellectually, and hopefully spiritually. Who are the ‘one another’s’ in your life? You know, love one another, bear one another’s burdens, forgive one another… The ones that can challenge you, encourage you, and build you up? Al, o do you have anyone that can hold you accountable?

Those of you who are Christians have always heard the phrase “the body of Christ”. I know for me it wasn’t until I was in my adult years before I fully understood the meaning. One of the ways God can speak to us is through these one another’s. The Bible talks about each of us having spiritual gifts. If you’re like me there are some areas that are strengths as well as many that are weaknesses. By having people that can pray for us and share their gifts with us, they help make us a better person.

When we live in isolation or don’t share those gifts with other people we limit what the body of Christ can do for us as well as how God wants to use us in the lives of others. At the end of the day do we want to look back on our lives and have a sense of joy that we shared our gifts with others or have regret that we kept these gifts to ourselves?

If you are unsure of your gifts or you have no one like this in your life we want to help. For more information call us.