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Thriving (Not Just Surviving) During the Holidays, by Erin Adams, LPC

For many of us, the holidays are a time of excitement, joy, and activity. Often there’s an increase in social events with co-workers, friends, and family. Some just can’t wait to decorate, bake and shop.

And then there are some who find the holidays especially taxing. Have you’ve lost someone this year and it just doesn’t feel right to celebrate? Or, has there been a divorce, and you’re learning how to develop new traditions and it is just not the same? Maybe you realize there’s a bit of family dysfunction and you just dread that Thanksgiving turkey with the side of tension.

It is possible to put it into place beforehand.

Here are ten tips to not just survive but thrive this year’s holiday season:

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Comparison: The Thief of Thankfulness By Bill Immel, LPC

During the holidays it is often tempting to think upon our lives in comparison with the lives of others.  This can happen at church, at work, or when visiting friends and family. In my experience counseling people from all walks of life, this happens probably the most on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

Typically the way it works is that we see others with less whatever (ie home, cars, family, toys, friends, trips, health, even looks, etc) and we feel better. Then we see others with more of the above and we feel worse and all of a sudden less thankful. 

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