Barnabas Center
Barnabas Center

Boundaries in a Digital Age

Erin Adams, MAMFT, LPC, NCC

Technology has changed the world, hasn’t it? I mean, you can stay in touch with people you would likely never otherwise run into, you can share knowledge in the blink of an eye and be entertained anywhere, anytime. This digital age frees us to do other things rather than being tied to a desk waiting for that important phone call. It’s amazing what we can know and accomplish all in our pajama’s in front of the tv! But, I’m sure you’ve also seen the other side. Those silent family dinners where no one is speaking because they are all absorbed in the face of their smartphones. Or kids or spouses who lose hours in front of video games? I’ve had the experience of being with friends on planned outings all the while feeling left out or ignored because they couldn’t seem to disconnect from their phones. We’re sharing the same space but not sharing an experience.

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